Research & Development

Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant offers a range of services from development of rubber mix design documentation according to technical specification to manufacture of the final product.

We will complete rubber mix development or research & development for you based on your technical specification.

Our process engineers will select a suitable rubber mix for any technical rubber products. If necessary, we will modify the composition of the selected rubber or develop new rubber for specific application of the rubber product with predefined set of properties and guaranteed service life.

We will color the rubber according to the composition that was pre-selected or developed to your specification. In the process of pre-production, we will fine-tune the process of production of the uncured product with the required dimensions for subsequent manufacture of the rubber product.

We will develop a testing program based on the application-specific features of your product and capabilities of the testing facility, and, if necessary, we will test the rubber mixes in cooperation with specialized institutes to address their resistance to various operating conditions. 

Upon completion of the tests, we will develop standards, specifications for the rubber mixes, carry out extension and amendment activities, as well as on-site supervision.

If necessary, we can perform serial production of the rubber mix based on your specification.