About the plant

Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant JSC is one of the leading petrochemical industry companies and the only manufacturer of polysulfide polymers in Russia.

Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant today:

  • 100 hectares of production facilities
  • High technology production and research complex
  • Over 350 employees
  • 5 independent production directions
  • Reactor stock for industry-scale production
  • 160 items of manufactured products
  • 12 laboratories
  • Continuous incoming, intermediate and outgoing quality control of raw materials and finished products
  • Dynamic management team
  • Wide geography of deliveries: Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries.

Many years of experience and focus on the production of synthetic polymers allow the plant to constantly improve the products and solutions we create, providing customers with many technical advantages, and also to maintain the position of the leading or in some cases the only manufacturer in Russia:

  • One of the three in the world and the only Russian manufacturer of polysulfide oligomers and products based on them
  • The only manufacturer of silicone polymer
  • The only manufacturer of special-purpose urethane rubbers
  • The only manufacturer of SKB sodium-butadiene rubber
  • The only company utilizing radiation curing in production
  • The only owner of a high-capacity gamma-ray unit for production of products for broad range of applications, radioactivity of the gamma radiation sources is 260 kCi
  • The only manufacturer of vinylidene chloride latex
  • Manufacturer of unique RETSAR heat-resistant self-fusing materials and LETSAR tape.

The product range manufactured by the plant includes over 160 items. The base of the product range includes:

  • monomers which are the feedstock for production of rubbers and polymers;
  • liquid polysulfide polymers (thiokols) which are the feedstock for production of sealants;
  • general and special purpose synthetic rubbers: sodium butadiene rubber, silicone rubber, urethane rubber;
  • sealants: for special, professional, and general construction applications;
  • self-fusing materials: LETSAR tapes and RETSAR rubber fabric;
  • other petrochemical products: rubber mixes, latex, adhesives, compounds, polyesters, mastics.


The established state-of-the-art production and technological base of the company, the experience and qualifications of the personnel are a guarantee of the highest quality of products manufactured by our plant. The capabilities of the plant also allow our partners to receive products with extra quality control and RT-Tekhpriyomka JSC certificate. Such acceptance confirms the quality of materials and semi-finished products manufactured by suppliers in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documentation for their manufacture and customers’ requirements, and assess their compliance to avoid potential claims from customers.

Research and technology center

Today, the plant works in close contact with specialized research institutes and laboratories of Tatarstan and Russia to ensure control of the quality of manufactured products and implement new scientific developments in the field of high-quality modern materials.
To perform the work, the plant is equipped with a staff of highly qualified specialists and all the necessary material and technical resources. Our own chemical laboratories allow us to carry out the entire range of necessary analyses of finished raw materials and to ensure a high level of quality of manufactured and developed products:

  • Laboratory of polysulfide oligomers
  • Laboratory of urethane rubbers and polyesters
  • Laboratory of polybutadiene rubbers
  • Laboratory of siloxane rubbers
  • Analytical laboratory
  • Design engineering group
  • Process engineering group.

Competence center for manufacture of technical rubber products

The center allows to provide a full rubber product production cycle: from chemical composition development to user support during the process of application of the rubber products:

  • Industrial production of rubber products from rubber nixes of our own production;
  • Design and development of rubber products and reinforced silicone seals used in the production of engines for various types of equipment, and similar various purpose products for MC-21, SSJ family aircraft.
  • Development and production of rubber compounds for production of cable products with advanced technical and operational parameters.
  • Selection of rubber mixes and production of extrusion products (brushes, tubes, complex shape profiles, etc.).
  • Manufacture of wiring harness sheaths for various applications.

Our partners
Today, the plant creates and offers reliable and affordable solutions for sealing, insulation and installation joints for various industries and production sectors. Customer portfolio includes the largest enterprises of the defense industry complex of Russia; aerospace and shipbuilding sectors, railway enterprises, enterprises of machine-building, automotive and construction sectors. The plant is developing and increasing the scope of work and deliveries. The geography of deliveries of the plant includes the cities of Russia, and CIS and non-CIS countries.

Through cooperation to success!