Occupational safety

Safe labor is the right of every person


Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant JSC is aware of the responsibility to society, population residing in the areas of the company operation, and the employees of the company, for the creation of safe working conditions at the company, and within its available capabilities will:

  • continuously the level of safety and working conditions at workplaces and on the territory of the company;
  • reduce occupational safety and labor protection risks associated with the operation of the company;
  • ensure an open dialogue with all interested parties in order to determine priority areas for improvement of the company’s occupational safety and labor protection activities;
  • improve the company’s image in this field.

The company management and specialists of commit to ensure compliance with the requirements, regulations, rules and provisions of the current occupational safety and labor protection law of the Russian Federation, directly or indirectly applicable to the activities of the company and its products.

The high priority tasks of JSC KSRP in the field of labor protection and occupational safety are:

  • implementation of advanced production methods and technologies with product quality improvement, ensuring the reliable accident-free operation of the production equipment;
  • timely prevention of emergencies, reduction in the production injury rate, occupational diseases, reduction in the probability of emergencies;
  • regular occupational hazards and risks analysis with issuing analysis records;
  • drawing up appropriate corrective action plans in order to reduce, control or eliminate any risks that pose a potential threat to the life and health of employees;
  • inclusion as a separate line in the business plan of the company and annual allocation of the necessary funds to finance labor protection and industrial safety activities;
  • implementation of occupational health and safety management in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of OHSAS 18001 international standard, seeking continuous improvement.

I.A. Sokol

General Director

Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant JSC