Report a violation

The company maintains a hotline allowing to collect reports on violations of laws and regulations, fraud, corruption and other harmful actions of employees and partners damaging the interests of Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant JSC.

If you become aware of facts of dishonest or unethical behavior related to the enterprise activities, you can submit a notification through one of the following channels:

via the website,

by email to,

via a phone call to + 7 (965) 626-87-71,

by mail: 1 Lebedeva Str., room 4, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, 420054 Russia

All your messages will be reviewed with subsequent mandatory provision of the review result. You can report a violation ether absolutely anonymously, or provide your contact information for feedback. In either case, we guarantee confidentiality of the applicant and of the information received through the hotline.

Please report if you face or became aware of:

  • A conflict of interest of the employees in the course of cooperation with a party to a contract
  • Violations of competitive procedures
  • Fraudulent actions, as well as facts of abuse of position by employees of the enterprise
  • Unfair competition in relation to the enterprise by market participants
  • Bribery, kickbacks and other corruption practices by employees of the enterprise
  • Theft and/or misuse of company property and assets
  • Other harmful practices that can damage the enterprise

Please note that all official correspondence and quotations related to sales of Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant JSC products are sent from email with domain. If you encounter products of doubtful origin, please contact the enterprise directly.

We thank you for your cooperation!