Information for suppliers

Terms of partnership on raw materials, supplies and components

Procurement program of the company

You can view the procurement program for raw materials, supplies, and components purchased by the enterprise here

Partnership proposal

Please send your partnership proposal regarding your product portfolio and terms of delivery to

Supplier selection

We determine the order and delivery parameters, carry out a preliminary evaluation of proposals according to the selection criteria (quality, reliability, price) and supplier selection

Order confirmation

Based on the proposal assessment results, our specialists will send a package of documents to the representative of the supplier for finalizing of the contract.

Finalizing of the contract

Approval of delivery terms (prices, payment terms, delivery time, etc.). Signing of the contract and specification, delivery schedule, payment of the invoice.

Delivery of products

Actual arrival of the products and initial quality inspection of the purchased products.

Terms of ordinary and explosive cargo delivery cooperation

Geography of deliveries

Cooperation with the company is possible in two segments: international large-scale transportation, federal (regional) small-scale transportation.

Partnership proposal

Please send information regarding pricing and terms of partnership to

Carrier selection

Selection of carrier companies is made on the basis of an analysis of prices and conditions of work with the carriers.

Finalizing of the contract

Based on the results of the proposal assessment our specialists will send a package of documents to the representative of the carrier for finalization of the contract.


If you have any questions about logistics arrangements or have suggestions for improving cooperation with our company, please provide them in the feedback form or send an email to