Development of Sealants

Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant offers a range of contractual services for production of sealants based on polysulfide, silicone polymers under your brand and at competitive prices.

We are continuously conducting scientific research and developing new formulas; we can modify the formulation of existing sealants or develop a new custom product according to the customer’s specification.

We will select a suitable product from the company’s existing portfolio or develop a new product with specific properties, and we can also produce sealants according to your formulation in full confidentiality of the transferred information.

We will evaluate the cost of materials and coordinate the possibility of production from our own raw materials or work out a scheme with the use of customer’s raw materials. We will help to reduce the prime cost of sealants, since we have low-cost processing technologies with high-quality results.

We will manufacture test samples of sealants and arrange verification of their compliance with all requirements according to your specification. Our experts will develop a test program for sealants, if necessary, we will test them in our own laboratories or in cooperation with specialized institutes to verify compliance with the required performance parameters.

Upon completion of the tests, we will develop standards, technical and process documentation for sealants, perform extension and modification activities, and on-site supervision. We will provide assistance in product certification in accordance with the requirements of national standards.

During production, we will perform packaging of the sealants according to the required design and under your brand. If necessary, we can perform serial production of polysulfide or silicone sealants according to your specifications.