The only one in Russia: Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant (KSRP JSC) launched raw material production (ECH) in Russia

The only one in Russia: Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant (KSRP JSC) launched raw material production (ECH) in Russia.

Kazan synthetic rubber plant has a great history! It was founded in 1936, the fourth rubber synthesis plant in the USSR. And it has always been one of the industrial anchors of the region.
For the last two years KSRP JSC has been on the rise after PROMTECH group became its new investor Corporation.

Thus, for example, in December 2022, KSRP opened ethylene chlorohydrin (ECH) production in Kemerovo. On December 10, 2022, the first cherished 20 tons of this product were produced, which have already been delivered to the plant in Kazan.
The second batch was produced on December 24, 2022, and starting from January the facility will be running at full capacity.

What’s so special about the ECH?

Ethylene chlorohydrin is an irreplaceable component for thiokol production. Thiokol is used in shipbuilding, aircraft and machinery industries. Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant is the only one in Russia (and one of three in the world [i]) capable of producing thiokol.

Until 2022, ECH was imported from Slovakia. After the imposition of sanctions, an urgent need for import substitution and opening of our own ECH production emerged.

For this purpose KZSK brought in technology, equipment and launched production in Kemerovo on the basis of the existing Khimprom plant.

By the way, the annual production capacity of this unit is many times greater than the capacity of the Slovak supplier and is 2000 tons of ECH per year (previously, no more than 150 tons per year were received from Europe).

KSRP JSC manufacturers important products for the aircraft industry, shipbuilding, machinery industry, helicopter industry, and fulfills government defense contracts.

Maria Rodionova

[i] The other two thiokol manufacturers are in Japan and Germany.