AM-05K building joint mastic

AM-05K building joint mastic

AM-05K building joint mastic is a paste-like material based on a polysulfide polymer (thiokol), fillers and plasticizers. The mastic is two-component, consists of the main paste and the hardening pastes. After curing, AM-05K thiokol mastic turns into an elastic rubber-like material without shrinkage (it does not contain solvents). Recommended for application on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. AM-05K thiokol mastic has high adhesion to almost any building material (concrete, brick, wood, iron, plaster, metal, asphalt). The mastics are highly resistant to thermal and shrinkage deformations, highly resistant to various aggressive media (acids, alkalis); high water resistance; excellent weather and ozone resistance; moisture and air impermeability; high resistance to vibrations; excellent resistance to thermal aging. Due to the presence of thiokol as the main component, the mastic has low gas permeability. Application temperature range is from +5 °С to +30 °С. Working temperature range is from -50 °C to +70 °C. Estimated service life is 15-20 years.


AM-05K building joint mastic is designed for sealing and repairing joints between the outer enclosing structures of buildings and for protecting structures from atmospheric corrosion. Due to vibration resistance, AM-05K mastic is recommended for use on structures of airports, railway stations, elevators, multistorey car parks and garages. Its maximum rated deformation inside the joint is 25%.

AM-05K building joint mastic is also used in construction for various purposes:

  1. sealing of metal attachments of brick walls, elements of a rigid roofing, attics, double-glazed windows, ebbs;
  2. sealing of metal abutments of brick walls, elements of a rigid roof, attics, double-glazed windows, top flashing;
  3. sealing of seams on tray style roofing and balconets;
  4. sealing of entries of communications, pipes into the building, waterproofing of a roof, pools;
  5. sealing treatment of cold seams;
  6. thermal compensation and expansion joints;
  7. waterproofing of the underground part of buildings and structures, structural floors;
  8. waterproofing of bridges, tunnel structures;
  9. vibration and noise isolation;
  10. protection of building concrete, metal structures and other surfaces from corrosive effects of technical and natural environments (acid rain, exhaust gas components, saline solutions, weak alkaline and weak acidic aqueous solutions, liquid fuels and oils, solar radiation, ozone, etc.).

Specification 5772-057-05766764-2003


  1. excellent adhesion to all building materials (concrete, wood, plaster, metal, brick, asphalt);
  2. thixotropic density for treatment of any surfaces;
  3. high resistance to various aggressive media (solutions of acids, alkalis, fuel);
  4. high resistance to vibration (therefore, it is used on buildings of airports, railway stations, elevators, multistorey car parks, garages, for installation of machines, mechanisms and other equipment, etc.);
  5. high water resistance, as well as the ability to work for a long time in aqueous and hydrocarbon environments;
  6. excellent weather and ozone resistance, gas impermeability;
  7. excellent resistance to heat aging; moisture and water permeability;
  8. the ability to work for a long time under conditions of dielectric properties;
  9. high resistance to thermal and shrinkage deformations under the combined effects of heat and frost, oxygen, ozone, light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, precipitation, water, etc.;
  10. it can perform in the temperature range from -50°С to +70°С;
  11. ability to turn into an elastic rubber-like material without shrinkage after curing;
  12. has small consumption and is easy to use;
  13. does not shrink, does not lose shape throughout the service life;
  14. guaranteed service life of the mastic joint is at least 10 years, the estimated service life is 15-20 years.

Technical characteristics

Mastic type



Light gray

Pot life, hours, within the range of


Yield strength, mm, maximum


Nominal tensile strength at seam failure, MPa, minimum


Water absorption, %, maximum


Failure type



Steel barrels, metal cans or any metal wide-mouthed, hermetically sealed containers with pastes pre-packing in plastic bags.

Guaranteed shelf life:

6 months


The product is manufactured according to the Specification. The product meets the stated information within the shelf life and subject to storage conditions.