UT-34 liquid polysulfide polymers-based sealant

UT-34 liquid polysulfide polymers-based sealant

UT-34 liquid polysulfide polymers (thiokol)-based sealant is a composition consisting of three components: base (sealing) paste, hardening (curing) paste, and a curing accelerator. After mixing the components, the sealant irreversibly transitions into a black rubber-like material (other color shades are not possible). UT-34 sealant is capable of curing at a temperature not lower than 15 °С. Thiokol sealants feature good deformability, high oil and petrol resistance, good resistance to UV radiation, oxygen, moisture and air impermeability. Due to its liquid polysulfide polymer base, UT-34 sealant is resistant to crude oil, oil products, solutions of acids, alkalis, salts and solvents. The sealant is efficient in the temperature range from -60°C to +130°C. The sealant must not come into direct contact with silver, brass or copper contacts.


UT-34 liquid polysulfide polymers-based sealant is designed for sealing riveted, bolted and other mechanical joints; feedthroughs, plug connectors, fuel compartments


GOST 24285-80


  1. good deformability;
  2. high oil and gasoline resistance;
  3. good UV and oxygen resistance;
  4. moisture and air impermeability.

Technical characteristics



Pot life, h, within the range of


Nominal tensile strength, MPa, minimum


Elongation at break, %, minimum


Relative residual deformation after breaking, %, maximum


Bond strength when peeled from D-16 anodized alloy, kN/m, minimum


Brittleness temperature limit, °С, not higher than

— 33

Working temperature range in air environment, °С

– 60 to + 130


Base paste – metal container,

Curing paste – plastic can,

Curing accelerator – plastic bag.

Guaranteed shelf life:

Base paste – 3 months,

Curing paste – 12 months,

Curing accelerator – 12 months

The product is manufactured according to the Specification. The product meets the stated information within the shelf life and subject to storage conditions.