U-30M liquid polysulfide polymers-based sealant

U-30M liquid polysulfide polymers-based sealant

U-30M liquid polysulfide polymers (thiokol)-based sealant is a composition consisting of three components: base (sealing) paste, hardening (curing) paste, and a curing accelerator. After mixing the components, the sealant irreversibly transitions into a black rubber-like material (other color shades are not possible). U-30M sealant is capable of curing at a temperature not lower than 15 °С. Thiokol sealants feature good deformability, high oil and petrol resistance, good resistance to UV radiation, oxygen, moisture and air impermeability.


U-30M liquid polysulfide polymers-based sealant is used for sealing fixed metal (except brass, copper, silver and their alloys) and other joints operating in air, dilute acids, alkalis and fuels. Temperature range is from -60 °C to +130 °C (short-time at +150 °C). For a short time, the U-30M thiokol sealant can be used in the air, but not more than a few hours, since in such conditions the sealant can lose its properties.


The sealant is designed specifically to protect fixed metal parts from high humidity and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Recommended for use in contact with aluminum alloys, non-anodized, magnesium alloys, cadmium plated and bare steel.


GOST 13489-79


  1. good deformability;
  2. high oil and gasoline resistance;
  3. good UV and oxygen resistance;
  4. moisture and air impermeability


Technical characteristics



Pot life, h, within the range of


Nominal tensile strength, MPa, minimum


Elongation at break, %, minimum


Shore A hardness, units, minimum


Brittleness temperature limit, °С, not higher than

— 35

Working temperature range, °С

– in air environment

– in TS-1 type fuel environment

– 60 to + 130

(short-time at + 150)

-60 to + 130




Base paste – metal container,

Curing paste – plastic can,

Curing accelerator – plastic bag


Guaranteed shelf life:

Base paste – 6 months,

Curing paste – 3 months


The product is manufactured according to the Specification. The product meets the stated information within the shelf life and subject to storage conditions.